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To live free from all forms of abuse is a fundamental human right. We are ready to partner with you on your journey toward safety, hope and healing.

Welcome to cardinal point

Canadian county's Family Justice Center

Cardinal Point brings together services into one central  location, improving collaboration and coordination, in an effort to remove the challenges survivors face when they would otherwise have to travel from location to location to access these services.

Our services


At Cardinal Point our hope is to increase access to the many services survivors may need as they navigate individual emotional and physical safety.

Individualized Care

Not all survivors have the same needs so they won’t all need the same services.  Survivors can work with a Navigator to address their individual needs and choose the services they are most interested in accessing.

Safety Planning

Specially trained Advocates are on-site to develop individualized safety plans with survivors. Safety planning includes access to resources, tools, and a plan of action in the event of further abuse or threat of harm.


Join our community of support alongside other survivors and partner agencies as we journey together in the direction of long-term safety and healing.

Some words from survivors

“I think every day how different and difficult it has been due to the pandemic. I hate thinking how many are staying in toxic or dangerous relationships because they are afraid, isolated or trapped. I don't know what I would have done without your comforting voice on the other end of the line most days.”

Mustang Neighbor

“I’m a 22 year survivor of domestic violence, and after 20 years I shared my story. I had no idea, back in that time, what to do. Thankfully I had family support, but I did not have services that Cardinal Point has to offer Canadian County. You are not alone.”

Yukon Neighbor


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